Thursday, 19 July 2012

Little Update

been a while since i wrote last, life has been hectic !
so i have officially finished sixth form! i have to wait until 16th August to see whether i get into university [fingers crossed!] and then the rest will come.
So i have everything sorted now, banks complete, i now have a student bank account, student finance is complete, ucas is complete, accommodation complete.
lately it's just been work, work, and more work, trying to earn the money so i can support myself at university, eeeek.
in the next few days i will be posting the following things, i aren't at my boyfriends and I'm just working so will have some time on my hands finally. the following posts will be up soon
- Haul
- tips; organising your wardrobe
- Customising
          - DIY CROSS SHORTS
- Reviews
          - Barry M
          - some others

let me know what you want to see more of (:
holls x

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