Sunday, 31 March 2013

NO7 foundation review

i did a review a few months ago on the Rimmel London "Wake me up" foundation, and how RUBBISH I thought it was (fair enough, i know a lot of people who worship it - but my skin, it didn't take a liking to it) so i thought I'd give a review on the foundation i have been wearing for the past few months. My mum bought me this for Christmas, as i was wearing a pretty light foundation for a month or so before, and I was going on the sunbeds frequently and had been on holiday - i knew it wasn't matching my skin no more, and she swears by NO7 foundation, so i thought I'd give it a test. 

I got the No7 Beautifully Matte Foundation in 23 deeply beige, i think this matches my skin almost perfect, this is a product i will use for a loooong time. the only problem is its pricey - £12.99 compared to my old foundation (Rimmel Lasting Finish Foundation at £6.99) however what you pay extra makes it all the worth while, overall I'd give this a 8 and 1/2 and the best foundation I've tried, it apparently "balances oil production and minimises the appearance of blemishes." and i certainly think it does. I have quite oily skin, with dry patches and it evens it all out - no dry patchy foundation, however no shiny skin! Personally i think it has a full coverage, and with concealer it hides my dark circle under my eyes (most people get money or maybe a car from their parents - i inherit their dark circles, yay me...) Overall this is money well spent, i would definitely recommend!

Next, in my foundation routine i use, again, a NO7 product - NO7 Perfect light pressed powder. I use the dark colour, due to having a better tan at the moment. This is a perfect pressed powder, before i used the Rimmel London Stay Matte, which again was cheaper. This foundation, the No7 perfect light pressed powder is £11.50, but you're paying for the exceptional quality. this is quite a heavy coverage but gives you that perfect finish, as you can see from the picture i have used this pretty quickly, and i am in need of buying more! i think i won't change my powder for a while. At first i was worried when my mum bought my a dark foundation, but it isn't as dark as i thought, as long as you don't cake your face in it, then you won't look like you've been tango'd ! 

Overall i am really happy with my foundation & pressed powder at the moment, I actually enjoy putting my makeup on, they are both so easy and effortless to have a good foundation finish, you don't have to worry about how oily you're skin is going to be, or whether your face is going to be too dry, it has a perfect finish for me. well recommended. 

let me know you're experiences in the comments, or if you have a foundation you love!


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  2. Great review , whats your shade in mac foundations ?


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