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Interviews: How To


Okay this post is going to be a bit different to the usual, I know how important job interviews are especially with the economy now-a-days, and finding & keeping a job can be one of the most hardest things in life. I’ve recently landed myself a job at Next, which I am so happy about, and so far it’s going great, I’m learning new things, getting to know the area (I’ve recently moved and I don’t know anyone) and meeting new people all whilst getting paid. So I thought I’d give a few tips, as I’ve had a job since the age of 13, so 7 years now, and I’ve also had quite a few university interviews, and a scholarship interview,
so whether it’s a job for a new place at work, a work experience, or a university interview here’s a few tips I’ve learnt over the years…

 1) ALWAYS dress smart, whether it’s for a waitress job or a high end job, always look you’re best. Make sure you’re in correct clothing for the workplace – e.g if it’s for a waitress job, no high heels, literally wear something that makes you stand out but doesn’t make you look like you’re off to work for vogue magazine. I always suggest formal trousers, they are a must, they make you look the part and help you get recognition that you are going to turn up smart for work, and an employer wants to know you’re going to look your best. I also suggest if it’s for a restaurant wear your hair tied up. If you are going for a retail job, then you’re probably best to wear an item of their clothing if possible, it’s a good conversation starter and they know you have your eyes on the prize. If having an interview for anything within fashion or retail then you want to show you have fashion sense, something as simple as following trends or wearing a statement piece. 

 2) KNOW YOUR ROLE, basically do your research on the company, know what your job role will be if you get the job, and remind yourself what this will include, remember this because they will probably ask what they think they should expect of you in that role. Even if this includes you writing it down, and coming up with answers, which leads me onto the next point 

3) REVISE QUESTIONS, usually for a job interview you will get asked questions, usually things like “what do you think are your best qualities” “what is your worst quality” “what do you think you could bring to the company” etc. Or they are questions like what would you do in a certain situation. I usually, a few nights before my interview, and definitely the night before revise through everything they could ask me, and what my response would be. It may seem a bit tedious but this could mean the difference between a maybe to a yes. Seeming/ being confident is what an employer looks for, and instead of pausing and a lot of “umms” and “uhhs” it saves you the embarrassment of not knowing what to say, that why revising possible questions helps a hell of a lot 

4) BE CONFIDENT, this is a must, don’t come across overly confident though, no one likes someone who is cocky. However, present yourself as confident person, body language is a must, don’t slouch don’t appear shy, yeah you might be but show them you are up for the task ahead. Be nice, smile, and that instantly makes someone warm to you. These are the basics for a job interview in my eyes, I’ve had 5 different jobs, and every single interview I’ve had I’ve got the job, so I guess I must be doing something right. 

University interviews 
A lot of you (if you’re at that age) will be attending interviews for university, I’ve had three so far (I was indecisive last year ha ha) and been accepted to all. 

Basically follow the same things as for a job interview. Make sure you look the part, a lot of interviews are usually for art based degree’s due to them wanting to see your work, however a lot of people want to interview someone before accepting them into university, therefore you want to show that you can be smart however a more casual approach usually looks a bit better. 
For my interviews I usually wear leggings/ jeans with a smart top, or a dress with tights, my degree was for fashion design, therefore showing you actually show an interest in fashion helps. Another point is know the questions they will ask – usually “why would you like to be on this course” “what do you hope to get out of the course” etc. Research if you have to in the subject, for example for my fashion design course I got asked which fashion designers I like, and when I had an interview for my film studies course last year (which I didn’t pursue) I got asked what genre of film I liked best, and which directors I thought were the best. 

 Finally, be yourself. That’s the best you can be. If you don’t get the job, you can always ring the company and ask for a review of your interview to find out where you went wrong, employers are happy to do this, as they are only human too, they are there to help you! Good luck! 

 Here a few examples of some outfits for a job interview if you’re needing inspiration! 

Holls x

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