Thursday, 11 April 2013

Nicky Clarke NTS00 Slim Tong Review & pictures

so I literally just bought some curling tongs yesterday, I have naturally curly hair but it's a bit of a .. Afro when curly, I wanted something that would have a more sophisticated look to my hair. My mum has these for her hair and I thought I'd give these a go, I always seem to take her advice, she is a really good role model :)
I purchased the Nicky Clarke NTS00 Classic Hair Slim Tong from Boots, which was £18.99. 

I thought I'd show my results with you all. I was a bit worried seen as it is a slim tong, and I didn't want to have tight ringlets, however I ruffled my hair out and the curls dropped, my hair has actually stayed in too  - which doesn't really happen for me (9 hours later) 

As you can tell from the top two photographs, when first curled it literally takes about an inch, maybe two from the length of your hair. However these do drop if you want them to. 

 This was the end result before ruffling my hair to let the curls drop. I'm so pleased with these curlers.
 And this was the end result! 

Finally, to show you that they last, the picture above shows this, this is 9 and a half hours later, after walking around in the wind all day too may I add, and having all the windows down whilst driving in the car (my boyfriend thought that with the sun shining it was summer - no. It was 8 degrees. freezing!

Overall, I have never been so impressed with a curling tong, my hair is so difficult to style, especially with it being long, even GHDs don't straighten my hair, I am so impressed. also to add, I washed my hair this morning, so I literally just dried it. And this styling took me 15 minutes to do. 
such a recommended product, a definite buy!!

holls x

- an update, for the next day i woke up and my curls are still in. So impressed with these curlers!(this picture was taken 33 hours later after curling once)

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