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Thought it’d be something different again today! I’m going to show you my tattoos & piercings; I have 4 tats & 9 piercings (4 in each ear and belly bar) in total and planning a lot more. I love how shocked people are because I’m so short and look young so when you tell them that they are like “What!?” I believe that tattoos are a form of showing art and your feelings; I would never get a tattoo that didn’t mean something to me, or that I haven’t chosen myself. If you are offended by tattoos then I suggest stopping reading now. 

Okay, so firstly piercings! I first got my ears pierced when I was 4, my sister (who is 12 years older than me) decided she’d take me into my local town and she asked if I wanted my ears pierced, at that age I think you just say yes to anything, so there I was in the chair ready to get some metal shot into my ears, I screamed the whole day afterwards apparently… my second experience was a lot better, I got my ears pierced again above the first ones, this was when I was about 14, and that’s when my addition started, within a year I had my third set done, and a forth but only in my right ear – which I no longer wear because its healed up (the piercing guy didn’t do it right and I told him I could only have stainless steel but I don’t think it was because I had a reaction) next I got my belly button pierced, I was always a person that said “I’m never having my belly button done…” yeah that didn’t last long. Finally, I got my helix pierced, just at the top of the ear, and I’m planning another piercing on my helix in the next few months.

Onto tattoos! Tattoos are my big love. I had my first tattoo on my 18th birthday, in 2011. I would have had one before but I still look like a 15 year old when I’m 20 soon, so imagined how young I looked back then. I then had my second January 2012, and my third and fourth done on the same day in October 2012. 

Firstly, I had “Life’s a Journey” wrote on my arm, I was supposed to be having it around my wrist but it was too small so I had it in the position I have it now. I love this tattoo and don’t regret it, I just know on my wedding day I will hate it ha ha. The meaning behind this tattoo is that my step-dad (who is pretty much my dad) used to always say it, around about the time I had just got out of a really bad relationship and was just getting my life back on track after depression, my dad used to always say “Life’s a journey, you’ll get through the shit” so it made sense. The tattoo symbolised the start of a new life, a new me. 

Next, I had my biggest tattoo, it down my right side, the opposite side of my first tattoo. It says “I’m the star up in the Sky” a lyric from puff daddy/faith Evans- I’ll be missing you. The song was the one that my best friend’s coffin came down to at his funeral, and it was a tribute to him. Not only that but when I was younger my mum used to always say “look up to the sky, the brightest star is your granddad” as he died when I was young. Along with that, my brother was going through chemotherapy at the time for cancer, and I used to always look up and pray. This tattoo has a lot of meaning to me. 

Finally, my last two tattoos. The first is a “J” for my boyfriend, John. I know that some people will think it’s stupid, and you’re entitled to your opinion but I had made the choice to get this, it wasn’t forced upon me and it was a simple choice to make getting this. John has saved me more than he even realises. Next I got a Christian cross; simply because I am here because of religion, there have been many things that have happened that in my eyes is because of god, that’s my views, no preaching. 

mine & my boyfriends - he has it on his forearm.
holls x

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