Friday, 24 May 2013

Small Haul

bit of an update, haven't posted in a while due to being really ill, haven't been able to move out of the bed. Last week i went out with a few friends and bought two small bits which I love. 

firstly, i bought these gorgeous shorts from Matalan, for ... £6, couldn't believe the price. I wore them on a night out, with a black top and black wedges (OOTN up soon) and it was a simple yet great outfit, and a bargain. also I bought them for the summer (if us brits ever get one) 

next i needed a new mascara, and after searching all over boots for a thick brushed one, i finally found this one. At £3.99, it one of the cheapest, I thought I'd try this out and if not get one of the £6.99 priced rimmel ones, but i love this mascara, it really thickens your lashes, and is one of the best mascara's I've had. "Pumped up volume" by miss sporty.

lots more posts coming soon. 


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