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University Talks: How to prepare/what to take


So another edition of university talks, this time I thought I’d talk you through you’re first day and moving in/what to take. Please be aware that this is just my experience, other people could have a different experience and need to take different things. 

So before, you need to make sure you have everything, make a checklist and slowly get the items over the few weeks before – I did this and it makes it ten times easier then you aren’t worrying about getting everything in one, you also know exactly what you will need. I lived about 2 hours away from my home whilst at University so I didn’t go home regularly – please take this into account too. I used just plastic boxes and suitcases for my items, its a lot easier and cheaper. So before I went I purchased a few bits; 

-          Cutlery
-          Pots/pans/plates etc – everything you need, you can’t rely on others having it!
-          Cups/glasses
-          Towels
-          Your belongings (obviously)
-          Washing powder (yes you have to wash your own clothes)
-          Food (another obvious – make sure you keep some in your room, trust me) I went the day i was going to university, I had a big food shop (ask your parents ha ha.) and then unloaded this with my belongings - a lot more easier then getting it afterwards.
-          Mini-fridge – if possible, another life saver if you drink hot drinks, or in student thinker – keeping your beers cold.
-          Clothes dryer – so much cheaper drying your own clothes.
-          Make sure you have a suitcase; it will save you so much with travelling.
-          Kettle/toaster – I shared a flat with 5 other people and we only ended up with 1 toaster & 1 kettle – I bought the kettle)
-          Stationary stuff – remember you’re actually there for work!
-          tv - remember you HAVE to pay a tv license, each person has to get one, not one between a flat - this is if you're sharing in a university flat at the actual university - if you're sharing a house i think its different
- bedding - usually you need a duvet too. check with the university what comes with your room.
 (this was me getting ready to take everything - this doesnt include kitchen things or food)

(This was my kitchen, sorry can't find no pictures of my room...)

Okay, so on my first day I went with my parents, I had a car full of stuff, and I had bought less than my housemates in the end! I had to go get checked in at about 12 and get my house key etc, I found out I was on 6th floor, and there was only 1 lift – to hundreds of students moving in that day. I didn’t know who was going to be my housemates, and I went to a university where no-one from my hometown was going to. Once I finally got all my things into my room – after what felt like running a marathon climbing the stairs about 10 tens, I was left on my own. One by one my housemates turned up (I was the second to arrive) and we were all as nervous as each other. I was in a house with 3 other girls, and 2 boys. I sorted out my room, and then took everything to the kitchen – we all had our own cupboard at the top & bottom, and a ledge on the fridge & freezer. I was the first person for my parents to leave, the rest of my housemates’ parents left around 5ish. At about 6 when everyone had everything sorted out we all arranged to go into the kitchen, I had said hello to everyone and introduced myself, but in the kitchen was the first proper meeting. Three of us girls decided to get our pjs on and drink tea, we got talking about who we were and where we were from, we got on perfect. Later on that night we got started student style, we ended up playing ring of fire (if you don’t know what it is seriously Google it – it’s perfect) and we got preeeetty drunk. Earlier that day we had got invited to a flat party the floor below us, so in a drunken state we all went to investigate. By the end of the night we seemed like a family, we had got to know each other and the anxiousness vanished.

Just remember, everyone is nervous to go to university, it was a brand new start for me, and I didn’t know anyone, and I made some of the best friends ever whilst there. 

my first night at university ..


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