Thursday, 13 June 2013

Clinique Review & my daily Routine

Sorry for the lack of posts lately, i have been unbelievably busy! 
anyway, onto the post. 

(7 day Scrub Cream, Liquid Facial Soap, Rinse off foaming Cleanser, Dramatically different moisturising lotion)

I have used clinique since i was about 15, my mum has always sworn by it, and I used to sneakily use her products, as I know she has gorgeous skin. I've never had a terrible problem with my skin, i don't have spots, but if i do them spots are stubborn. I have extremely sensitive skin, and i have experimented when i was younger seeing which products would work for me, and i find it really hard. I use simple products, however i cant use them on a daily basis as they tend to dry out my skin. Clinique on the other hand has been my main 'grab-to.' These are the four products i use 

Firstly, as a teenager i was introduced to the Clinique Liquid Facial Scrub, my face struggles with soap as i come out with rashes, however i have never broke out with this stuff. As a person with extremely sensitive skin, i swear by this stuff! I use the facial scrub before I use an exfoliator as it cleans my face before scrubbing, the pump comes in handy as you get just the right amount without worrying about having excess soap. Another bonus is it smells really nice and leaves your skin extremely smooth and feeling fresh. The facial scrub is £15.00 for 200ml which for clinque i think is brilliant value, and it has lasted me quite a while, i use this about 3 times a week on my face - as i don't like using a lot of products on my face, and it lasts a couple of months. definitely worth the buy

Next is the 7 day scrub cream, I honestly swear by this, its the best product I have ever used and the best exfoliator i have ever used. I started using this when I had really dry skin and it cleared it up in about 2 days, it's an excellent product that you can use daily. It's a 7 day scrub which you're supposed to use, obviously, for 7 days, however I use it once every two weeks or so, if i have bad skin I'll use it every day and it clears up my dry skin really quick. I honestly can't praise this enough. It is priced at £17.50 for a 100ml bottle, which to some can seem pricey however you pay for the quality. 

Finally is the Clinique Rinse-off foaming cleanser and the dramatically different moisturising lotion, (i apologise for the image i used to store these in a makeup bag and they have got makeup on them) I love both of these, and use them every now and again. Firstly, the rinse off foaming cleanser (£16.00 for 100ml) i love this a lot, i use this after exfoliating and my skin is baby soft, my face feels light weight and doesn't make it greasy, it is an amazing product, it smells beautiful too which is a bonus. The dramatically different moisturising lotion is something I don't use as much as the rest, however ever now and again I'll switch it up and use this, this product is for a more oily skin as it moisturises without an oil base, it is £17.00 for 50ml which is pretty pricey however  it is a brilliant product and well worth the use, it also lasts quite a while. 

overall, i am completely in love with clinique products, i find they are best in my opinion for my skin, as i have a combination of oily and dry skin, i also have sensitive skin, i have never ever had problems with them and would definitely recommend them to anyone

let me know what you think 
holls x

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