Sunday, 23 June 2013

Top Three Favourite Lipsticks

I wear lipsticks when I go out, however I don't wear them on a daily basis, as I suffer with really chapped lips, even though I use chap sticks and moisturise them on a daily basis, however I love a bit of colour. I thought I'd share my three all time favourites with you all! 

E.L.F Studio Matte Lip Colour - Coy
Topshop Lip Stick - Coy
No7 Stay Perfect - Classic Rose

 So my Third  favourite has to be the 'Studio Matte Lip Colour' from E.L.F cosmetics, in 'Coral.' This by far has to be the cheapest at only £3.75, I love matte lipsticks as you will tell with my three favourites, as I tend to stay away from really liquid and silky lipsticks. Overall I love this product and it's really cheap and affordable, it's also a beautiful colour. 

Number 2 Favourite is the 'Lip Stick' by Topshop - I have quite a few Topshop Make-up items, but the lipstick is my favourite by far, it is such a matte texture, and stays on for quite a while in my opinion. At £7.00 I believe it's a pretty good price, it lasts me quite a long time and feels gorgeous on my lips. My favourite colour is 'Coy' as its a quite a nude colour however adds a nice touch of colour. 

And my favourite goes to the No7 'Stay Perfect' Lipstick, I have this in 'Classic Rose,' it's priced at £9.50, and I adore it, it's a deep pink/red and just adds that pop of colour, it's a matte texture with a little bit of moisture. Overall, i think this is one of the best lipsticks I've worn, its a beautiful colour and stays on for hours! 

holls x

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