Thursday, 25 July 2013


So the other day I needed to get my pressed powder foundation, and decided to try one of their concealers, as I needed a new one. There was an offer one, getting a free bag with smaller products, the sample size. 
I've been using a few of these and thought I'd give my opinion.

 L-R Eye shadow in purple (gave away) , Airbrush away primer, triple protection tinted moisturiser, and extensive length mascara (there was also a lip gloss but I gave this away as I don't use them)

Firstly, I have wanted a new primer for a while, I used a gosh one up until a week ago, and I'm being honest when I say this is the best primer I have used. I love No7 products anyway, but they have impressed me with this! I'm going to get myself the full size one tomorrow in fact. It isn't heavy and you don't realise its there, it also leaves your face extremely soft. And your make up stays on a lot longer. 
Next the tinted moisturiser, I love this. In the weather we've had lately I hate it when I have a full face of make up. This covers pretty well, and is so soft on your skin. The day after the first time I tried this I literally couldn't get over how soft my face was. Another Must buy. 

Finally, I bought the No7 concealer stick, and I must say, I'm not impressed, it's not soft on the skin and leaves patches. I think I may have to invest in another concealer.. 

let me know what you think, holls x

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