Tuesday, 4 November 2014

November Favourites

So seen as it's the first few days of November I thought I'd share my favourites (kind of should be October favourites but hey!) 
So first up is the Clinique 7 day scrub, I've used this for quite a while, I love the Clinique skin range as I have really sensitive skin yet it seems to work wonders. It's honestly the best exfoliator I've ever used - and perfect for the winter months! 
Next, the Rimmel stay matte primer, I bought this a few weeks ago and I have to say I'm impressed! It's such a lovely base for your makeup. I've tried quite a few primers over the years and it's very moisturising and isn't oily at all, and seems to make my makeup last a lot longer too. Overall I think I will be using this for quite a while.
Bio oil - well, as a heavily pregnant woman this is probably a must. My skin is prone to stretch marks and it seems to be keeping most of them at bay, it's keeping my skins refreshed and moisturised too. 
Soap and glory 'hand food' - as the winter months are fast upon us this is a must for me, it's brilliant in keeping my hands moisturised and smooth. I love the soap and glory ranges, but I think the hand cream is amazing, plus it smells gorgeous too. A must buy. 
Elf all over cover stick - I bought this last week as I desperately needed a new concealer, and wow. At first I thought I would hate this but the coverage is amazing. I love this. I will be doing a full review on my new elf products next week too.
No7 stay perfect lipstick in classic rose. I've had this for a while but I'm the sort of girl who's a bit scared of trying something new, the other day I thought 'what the hell' and tried it again after quite a while and I've fallen in love with it. In the winter months it's quite nice to have a pop of colour and I think I'll be wearing it a lot more often! 
Finally, a complete beauty steal - Jess nail polish in dragonfly. This is an exclusive brand for pound land - and as the shop suggests it's only £1, I've bought quite a few from this range and this is one I love. I thought with it being so cheap it would be rubbish but it's actually just as good as the more expensive brands, the coverage of glitter is amazing, and perfect for jazzing up nails. 
What's everyone else's favourites for October/November? :) 
Holl x

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  1. what a lovely collection of favourites. I LOVE the soap and glory hand food. It's definitely the best hand cream! x



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