Sunday, 5 April 2015

Beauty Sundays - Top 4 under £5 mascara's

So I'll admit it, I have a slight obsession with mascara's, and I love trying different ones out. But, I'm also one for a bargain, so here are my top 4 under £5 mascara's! 
4. Collection 2000 'longer lash lengthening mascara' £2.99 - superdrug
Collection 2000 does a brilliant range of affordable make up, and do quite a lot of brilliant mascara's, another one is coming up. It's easy to put on, lasts all day and doesn't clump. The only downside is that it's quite thick so you have to be careful when you put it on that you're getting proper use out of it. 
3. Make up gallery, 'Plump up the volume volumising mascara' £1 - pound shop. 
Wow. I got quite a lot of make up from the pound shop from their new range just to try for you lovely lot (blog post will be coming soon) and wow - I do actually like this. And for £1 it's worth every penny. I was abit nervous with it causing irritation with it ring cheap, but no. No clumps, easy to apply, no irritation. 
2. Collection 2000 'volumising mascara in ultra black' £3.99 - superdrug
It was A bit of a debate over this being number one or two. I love this mascara, I use both this and the technic one on more or less a daily basis. It's a brilliant mascara, and does exactly what it says, it has quite a thick applicator and works wonders for creating volume 
1. Technic 'get lashed volumising mascara' £1, Tesco.
This is a product you'll either love or hate, I sure love it. Especially the price. It's a very easy and workable mascara, great on it's own or to add to other mascara's. On it's own it creates long lashes and is perfect for elegant make up, teamed with another mascara (my personal favourite is this and collection 2000 volumising mascara) and it creates an impact. Top buy, and perfect price. 
What's your favourite budget mascara? Let me know in the comments 

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