Saturday, 11 April 2015

Favourite Fridays - E.L.F haul

So sad news for me and those who like e.l.f, the UK eyes lips face is closing down. I've done a bit of research, and as far as it says on the internet world, elf is safe in America and quite a few other places. However the UK distributor and some Europe ones are closing down. 
I love E.L.F products, it can be hit and miss on whether something works for me, as with all make up but I love how cheap yet amazing a lot of the products are. Also there has been a HUGE sale on, I can't believe how cheap they were. 
Studio cream blush in tease - was £6.50 now £1.30
This is something new I've tried, which at the moment I'm still favouring my no7 powder blush. I love the colour however, it's quite bright but at the same time subtle. It goes on like a cream however looks more like a powder once on. 
HD blush in Headliner - was £4.50 now 90p
Again, this was a new thing to try as I always get powder blushes. This is quite a bright shade, and gives a bright finish, brilliant if you want quite rosy cheeks. 
Jumbo lip gloss stick in Tiki Torches - was £2.95 now 89p
I love this. I didn't think I'd like this, as when it came it was a lot more glittery that it looked online. I love the jumbo pencil applicator as it's quite easy to apply. A brilliant buy, I'm actually really sad that it's going to be hard to find different colours of this. It lasts quite a long time too. 
Lip balm with SPF 15 in peach - was £3.95 now £1.98
One of my favourite things I've bought from E.L.F! I've bought one of these lip balms before in "natural" and I've loved how moisturising it is, but this one is even better. The colour is exactly what I wanted, it looks a lot more subtle on your lips than on the Swatch, and it seems to double up as a lip stain (not sure if it's supposed to!) but this stayed on my lips for hours, even with eating and drinking. Well worth the money, even at the original price. 
Tone correcting concealer in honey light - was £3.99 now 78p 
This is something just to try really, and at the price I couldn't resist to try it. I've tried other ELF concealers, but I've never given this one a go - to be honest it was quite a disappointment. It was an - okay, concealer, but there is a lot that beat it. It covers blemishes, however it does have quite a strong perfumed smell. Good for the price, but not something I'm lusting after.
Finally, as a bit of a surprise I got a cute little shopper bag free from elf, which will be perfect for me this summer, especially with a little one. 
All in all, I've definitely found some new favourites, especially in lipsticks. There is still the sale going on, but not a lot of things left, and it's up to 80% off now! I'm going to miss E.L.F in the uk! 
What is your favourite E.L.F products? Let me know in the comments
Holls x 

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