Tuesday, 28 April 2015

How to: cleaning make up brushes

Cleaning brushes is an essential yet mundane task. When you apply your make up with brushes you're picking up bacteria from your face, then it's left on a brush, and this is the same every time you use the same brush, so it really is important to clean them regularly or you'll find you'll break out into spots more frequently. As well as spot cleaning my brushes, I deep clean them every week, sometimes more if I get the opportunity, but I'm quite lucky that I have a lot of brushes so I switch it up so I aren't using the same one day in, day out. 
1. Collect all your brushes together ready for the cleaning and clean your hands throughly with soap to reduce bacteria.
2. Next, place a small amount of cleaner or baby shampoo on the palm of your hand (I use baby shampoo, but you can use brush cleaner, they are easy to pick up from boots or a make up brand one. I love the no7 Make Up Brush Cleanser) 
3. Dampen the brush slightly in Luke warm water
4. start swirling it into the brush cleaner, adding water occasionally for the cleaner to lather up. Go careful around the part where the handle meets the head, as it can loosen the glue over time and cause bristles to fall out. 
5. Rinse the brush and squeeze out the water gently. 
6. Repeat if necessary, brushes can be very stubborn at getting some products out! 
7. To dry, I place my brushes in a brush holder (mine is from the real techniques core collection brush set) ideally you don't want your brushes drying flat, you want them either laying flat or in a downwards position, to stop water getting Into the base of the brush head. 
A quick tip: your brushes will need A LOT of drying time, so you are best doing it straight after you apply your make up, then they have a lot of drying time before you have to use them next. 
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