Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Mummy Monday - Grace's 5 Month Update

So grace is five months old in the next few days, so I thought I'd share a mini-update. I can't believe how much she's changing day by day. 
Height/weight - 10lb 2oz! She got weighed at the dietician last week, this is something that is amazing for grace, as she doesn't put on weight easy because of her condition. 
Daily - Grace does brilliant during the day, she likes to play a lot more! She seems to have her condition a lot more under control now - before she had tummy ache a lot so would be unsettled whereas now it's not a lot. She loves playing in her pram and playing on her play mat. 
Bedtime - we have a strict bedtime now, and it really works for Grace, she has a bath on a night then a bottle and she falls asleep drinking that, then she goes to sleep, and sleeps from 8ish-4/5ish for a bottle then sleeps from anywhere between 7-9am which is brilliant. 
She only has two naps during the day - usually about 11am for 20 minutes and then another at 2/3pm for 45 minutes. 
Feeding - we're now on 6oz bottles! Another huge step for a little girl who was fed by a nasal gastric tube (down her nose into her stomach) only 2 months a go. She's under speech and language therapy for her feeding as she doesn't feed like a "normal" baby, she lays on her side because she had a problem with milk aspirating (going into) her lung, but this is something we have under control.
We have also just started introducing purée into her diet - she's had baby rice and we've just started with veg - she loves carrots! 
Sizes - Grace is still in newborn due to we size, but these are slowly getting snug on her, I recon she'll be in 0-3 as of next month! 
Milestones - she's doing amazing at the moment this past month she's learnt how to grip things - everything goes into her mouth of course! She can also sit for a few seconds and she is slowly learning to roll over. Also, she's VERY vocal at the moment - so my house is very noisy! 
Holls x

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