Thursday, 30 April 2015

Rimmel London's Wonder'full mascara review

Yet another review for you lovely lot! 
I bought the Rimmel London's Wonder'Full mascara a few weeks ago on a impulse buy. I get stuck in a mascara rut because if I love a mascara I generally don't buy another type, and my favourites are a favourite for a while, as I can never seem to find a good Volumising one or one that stands out from the rest. 
However, this mascara is amazing. I honestly cannot praise it enough. The wand is quite thick and bulky, which I like as you can get a lot of product on your lashes. It is quite a thin mascara product however it contains Argan oil along with olive oil and a lot of other beneficial products.
Argan oil in general use is known to thicken, lengthen and darken lashes, so with this added ingredient it is brilliant for your lashes. 
Overall, I love this mascara and use it daily, definitely one of my top mascara's. 
Have you used the Wonder'Full mascara? What are your thoughts? 
Holls x

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