Friday, 1 May 2015

You know you're a parent when..

So I had a bit of a moment the other day, where I was out with a friend having some dinner when my friend looked horrified and went "can you smell that?" I then casually lifted grace up, smelt her bottom and went "oh that's grace, best change her." It was one of them moments afterward I realised I have definitely gotten used to this whole "mum" thing. I started thinking later of all the other "you know you're a parent when" situations, so here's a quick list, maybe you might relate! 
1. You know how to do ANYTHING just with one hand - washing the dishes, cleaning up, making food - you've got it covered. 
2. Bodily fluids are normal now to wear - you've been covered in wee, sick, poo so many times you've lost count, it's not something out of the ordinary now and it doesn't completely stress/freak you out. 
3. Everyone thinks you have lost the ability to smell - to anyone else your little ones nappy smells like stink bomb, to you that's quite alright smelling, it could be worse after all!
4. You can get ready in 5 minutes flat - including hair, make up and clothes. You could give a man a run for his money now. Gone are the days of spending hours checking your hair is in place. 
5. Everything has extra letters added on or a weird voice attached to your vocabulary - "is it beddy time?" "Who's so cute" "dum-Dums" even your child looks at you as if to say 'please talk correctly now' 
6. 9pm is a late night - and by the time your little one is asleep all them plans of doing anything are gone, you'd rather be asleep yourself.
7. You remember seeing other peoples children when they started eating and thinking 'why can't they keep them clean?' Now you give in and would rather feed them naked because mushed carrots and porridge gets EVERYWHERE. 
8. Getting out of the house is like a military procedure - bottles, including spares (just in case) check. Clean clothes for them obvious poo explosions in the middle of a shop. Check. Whole house.. Check. 
9. Baby wipes are amazing - first it was just for wiping their bums, now you can clean your whole house with them, and can find a use for them no bother. 
10. Your little one goes to sleep and you can't help but stare at them in amazement and think 'I created this tiny person, wow' 
What are your signs that you realise your a parent? Let me know in the comments
Holls x

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