Tuesday, 21 July 2015

All Abour My Hair!

So I've had a few people ask about my hair colour and different bits and bobs so I thought I'd answer a few questions in one go

Hair colour
I've never dyed my hair up until a few months, not even a wash in wash out, but ever since I was about 15 I've wanted to dye it lighter. So a few months ago I decided to take the plunge and ombré it, that way it meant that it was as dramatic as a full hair colour change and it was easier than constantly dying it to make sure my dark roots don't show.
I currently use the L'Oreal Paris Wild Ombres preference (ombre no1) I have naturally very dark brown hair, so the first time I dyed it there wasn't that much change, and the dye was on for quite a while, I then did it again about 2-3 weeks later and saw a much better colour.

Hair care
I alternate between shampoos every now and again as hair becomes used to the same shampoo. For a long time I've used herbal essences shampoo as I think they have a gorgeous smell, however lately I've come to love the Aussie range. Currently I'm using the Aussie Miracle Moist shampoo and it's brilliant, my hair has no volume at the moment as it's pretty long, however it gives me a added boost free washing. I also use Dove advanced hair series regularly as I love this brand - I've used the one for dull/dry hair but recently I've switched to the 'oxygen moisture' version and it's one of the best shampoos ever, it's for fine flat hair and it's supposed to add 95% more volume - ever since I've been pregnant I've noticed my hair becoming thinner so this is perfect to add a bit of volume into my hair. A brilliant buy!


Finally, another favourite of mine is the Aussie 3 minute miracle reconstruction deep conditioner, It's brilliant especially when your hair is feeling pretty full and lifeless and it's brilliant for coloured hair.

Hair styling
Firstly, a women's necessity, hairspray. I've used PLENTY, however I have quite sensitive skin and quite a few have left me with a very itchy scalp. VO5 high volume is a brilliant hairspray, it keeps hair in place and never gives me a dry itchy scalp.
I also LOVE the Schwarzkopf got2be beach matt texturizing salt spray, I've included this into my favourites quite a few times as I think its just so brilliant, I love how it just adds that bit of texture to soft waves, and it smells gorgeous too. Love this product.
Next, straighteners. I apologise for the state they are in, but I've had them YEARS. I've never been a fan of GHDs as my hair just doesn't co-operate with them, but the Remington straighteners are fantastic for my hair, I've literally had them roughly 4 years and they haven't given up yet - and when I was a teenager I constantly straightened my hair so they have been used A LOT.
Finally, the Nicky Clarke NTS00 slim curling tongs, I've wrote a review on these (if you want a little extra read click here) which tells you how much I love these, but to explain it even more, these are amazing. The tongs literally make curls last for days and days, and look amazing. Such a brilliant buy

I think that's everything!
What products and electrical hair styling products do you use?
Let me know in the comments
Holls x


  1. I love all aussie hair products, I use their leave in conditioner every time I blow dry my hair.


    1. Is it good?
      Think I may have to try that! :)


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