Sunday, 13 December 2015

Beauty Haul |12 DAYS OF BLOGMAS

So today's Blogmas post was going to be about the Coca-Cola truck that we was going to see last night, however as always in the UK, the weather is so unpredictable and it was raining really bad so I decided it would be best not going, instead we ended up having a movie watching The Grinch and Grace tried hot chocolate for the first time- she loved it!
So instead, here's a make up and skincare haul with all the products I've bought recently, enjoy!

Garnier micellar cleansing water- £2 morrisons (on offer)
I've bought a few different types of these however I've been using this for about a week and I love this one the most so far!
Nivea creme 100ml - £2
I come from a family who swear by Nivea so this is one of my staple skin care products!

Zoella body products - foam sweet foam shower gel, candy cream body lotion, creamy madly dreamy body lotion.
I've always been interested in trying the zoella products so I thought I'd pick a few up, I'll be doing a full review of these soon.

MUA sweet sheen lip balm in Peach Dream, Rimmel London Apocalips in 600 Nude Eclipse and Kate Moss for Rimmel London lipstick in No. 45

I'm loving nude lipsticks at the moment so picked up two Rimmel London ones, the Apocalips one stays on quite a while which I love and is a mix between a lipstick and gloss, which is something new for me, as I'm more of a matte lipstick type of girl. I also picked up the MUA  one which I'm yet to fully wear, however when I tried it I loved it, it looks quite subtle when on which I like and is a bit brighter than I normally wear.

Garnier refreshing toner
Feel free to shout at the computer -but I only discovered toner a few months ago, so Ive been trying different ones to see which I like best, I found this and thought I would try it and see how it is!
VO5 mega hold gel spray
This is one hair spray I have always loved, I think the VO5 mega hold range is brilliant, it holds hair in place, doesn't make your hair look greasy and it actually smells nice! Brilliant product.
Revitalising cool cucumber eye pads
I love these eye pads, I haven't tried many other types and would love to try some different ones if anyone can recommend any? However these are only 99p from Bodycare and they really smooth my eyes, especially after a long day with tired eyes.
Maybelline instant anti-age 'the eraser eye' concealer
I've read so many blogger reviews on this, and seen so many youtuber's talk about how brilliant this is, so I just had to give it a go. I have the worst dark circles under my eyes (a mix between no sleep with being a mum and having the bad genes from my parents- thanks mum and dad!) I've used it for 2 days now and so far I am honestly amazed by this, a full review will be coming soon!

Hope you enjoyed the haul, what beauty products are you loving at the moment?

Holls xo

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