Monday, 28 December 2015

Christmas Day!

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas! I'm aware on how late this is but I thought I'd share my lovely Christmas.

I was woke up early by my mum at 6.30am, shouting Santa had been, both me and Grace looked at her as if to say 'no it's sleep time!' But we went downstairs and Grace was pretty overwhelmed, we spent a relaxed morning opening presents and had some croissants for breakfast, then watched some films and got ready for the day ahead.

We had our Christmas dinner at lunch time and then all had a nap in the afternoon, I think the excitement had worn us all out! And later on when Grace had gone to bed I watched TV, had a few too many wines (I haven't drank since last Christmas!) and ate a lot of chocolate.
 I had such a lovely day, and it was amazing to look back on how much has changed over the year as last Christmas Grace was very poorly in hospital. Grace and I were spoilt rotten, and overall it was such a wonderful day.
I will be posting a what I got for Christmas post tomorrow night, but until then bye for now!

Holls xo

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