Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Christmas Traditions! |12 days of blogmas

Seen as we're getting closer and closer to Christmas I thought I'd talk about Christmas traditions in my family. We all have different things we all do leading up to and on Christmas.
When I was little on Christmas Day morning we used to have a tradition that me, my brother and sister would have to wait at the top of the stairs, my mum would go downstairs and then tell us that Father Christmas had come so we'd run downstairs to see all our presents, I think it was amazing how that suspense would build up inside of us and we'd be so excited to come downstairs.
From being young we've always had our place for our Christmas presents, mine has always been under the Christmas tree (something that now it will be Grace's) my mums was on the little sofa and my dad's on the big sofa.
Normally my mum and dad would watch me open mine whilst slowly opening their presents. My brother and sister are a lot older than me (my sister is 12 years older than me, and my brother 9 years older - so my sister spends Christmas with her family, and my brother with his) My mum would always make sure I read the tags and I knew who had bought me what, and after Christmas I would write thank you cards to people, this is something I definitely want to carry on with my daughter as it made me appreciate what had been bought for me.

After opening our presents we would watch Christmas films on the TV whilst spending time with our new gifts.
We all get dressed up for dinner, even though most of the time we have our Christmas dinner at home, but it's a family thing that we all put our best clothes on and make an effort for the day.

Next, Christmas dinner. We always have it at 12pm-1pm, our next tradition is that we have a "snowball," this is something that dates back from my great, great, great grandparents. A long time ago they used to do it that it was a present for everyone at their dinner place and it was wrapped in cotton wool, hence why it would look like a "snowball," as the years have gone by, it's now just a present wrapped up at our dinner place. It's normally something special, or a main present, I remember one year when I was young I got tickets to see S Club 7 (If you don't know who they are I suggest youtubing "reach for the stars!") I was so excited I started crying.
 After we've had lunch it's normally a pretty quiet time, we watch a film and half of the time end up falling asleep and having a nap. Then later on we have cheese and biscuits and as I've got older, normally have a glass of wine (or a few!) and watch Christmas TV and just generally have family time.
And that's pretty much it as our Christmas Day traditions go, it's normally a day of just family time and relaxing, a bit of a lazy day to be honest. Boxing Day is normally our "clean up" day, all presents sorted out, normally a trip to the sales at the shops and a lot more eating!

What are your Christmas traditions? Let me know in the comments

Holls xo

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