Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Feeling 22! |12 DAYS OF BLOGMAS!

I Feel as if I can finally sing Taylor swift's song "22" now! It was my birthday yesterday, I'm officially another year older!
I spent most of the day having snuggles with my poorly little girl, she only slept two hours that night bless her, so first thing we went to the doctors where they said she had an ear infection (along with a cold and teething) so she was prescribed anti biotics, fingers crossed they work.
After a long nap in the morning I opened my presents - I was spoilt rotten by my mum and dad, one of my presents was a beautiful Thomas Sabo charm bracelet and charm, it's something I've lusted after for a while!
I went for lunch with my sister-in-law, It was a lovely afternoon and Grace seemed to perk up with a bit of food.  Afterwards we came home and watched a Christmas film and snuggled onto the sofa with our blankets, there's nothing better when you're feeling under the weather.
I finished off my day with a big slice of my amazing birthday cake and an early night because of how tired I was.. I'm such a party animal!

Is anyone else's birthday in December? What did you do or have planned? Let me know in the comments.

See you all again tomorrow for another day of Blogmas!

Holls xo

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