Monday, 14 December 2015

Five days of baby style |12 DAYS OF BLOGMAS

It's day 3 of blogmas, and I thought I would share something a little different from the Christmas vibe (except one Christmas outfit I just had to slide in!)
My daughter is 13 months now and for 3 months whilst she was in hospital I was unable to dress her in all the gorgeous little girls clothes I wanted to because of the many wires she had, I'm not complaining because these "little wires" saved her life, but I love having the chance to now.
A lot of her clothes I buy are from high street shops as she grows out of them quickly, and I can't really justify £30+ for an outfit that she'll probably wear twice. Over the past year I've found which shops are the best for children's clothes, the same as I've found which are the best quality for myself, I love the zara kids collection and next clothing too.
So onto outfits, here's five days of style by my daughter Grace...
Outfit one
Top - Zara kids
Leggings - F&F @ tesco
Outfit two
Dress - Next
Tights - Next
Outfit three
Top - Zara kids
Leggings- Zara kids
Outfit four
Dress, tights and long vest (3 part set) - Marks and Spencer's
Outfit five
Top - Next
Leggings - Next

(All hair bows are from Accessorize)

Hope you enjoyed this different post, what shops do you like best for your little ones? Let me know in the comments!

Holls xo

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