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Inside Grace's Christmas Eve box. |12 Days of Blogmas

I've seen so many people starting a Christmas Eve box over the past year or so, and it got me so excited to start this little tradition for my daughter Grace. It's Christmas Eve tomorrow, so I will be giving Grace her box tomorrow night. She's only one so she won't really understand it this year, but as time goes on I hope she will like this new tradition. We have never had a tradition in my family of being able to open a present on Christmas Eve night like I know a lot of families do, however this is something a little different but gives a bit of excitement for another day other than just Christmas Day itself.

Normally a Christmas Eve box has pyjamas, a DVD, book, some chocolates and whatever else you would like to put in. Here is what is in Grace's...
The box is from TK MAX, it looked so beautiful when I saw it and thought it's a brilliant size for everything. I have seen quite a few that are wooden and personalised and I'm considering getting one of them for the following years, something that is personal and will last but this year I thought this would definitely serve it's purpose.

Next onto contents. First up, trusty pyjamas. These are just a simple Minnie Mouse pair, I'm not completely sure where I bought them from, but Grace is obsessed with Mickey and Minnie at the moment so these were an obvious choice. I really wanted to find a Christmas pair but it's been so hard to, so these are the next best.

Next, a book. Grace loves me reading to her, and loves her books. When she was in hospital I always read to her as they said it was a good thing to do as your baby gets used to your voice and soothes them, and I've carried that on as she's got older. She loves nothing more than to sit and look at the drawings whilst I read to her and it's a rare moment of her sitting quietly! This book is just a little Christmas story which I'll probably read to her at bed time.
Along with a book, I bought Grace a few DVDs to watch on Christmas Eve. The first one I bought was The Grinch, this is probably more for me if I'm honest! But I think Grace will like it with all the strange characters and songs. At the moment I live with my mum so we said that we're all going to watch this on Christmas Eve so we will see what grace thinks to it. The other film in her box is Mickey's Twice upon a Christmas, we was a bit naughty and watched this a few days ago, the weather was terrible and we ran out of Christmas films so we watched this one. However, she is obsessed with Mickey Mouse at the moment so I think we'll still be watching this in June!

Now onto the best bit, chocolate! I do like to be quite strict with how often Grace has junk food, she has problems with her bowel due to being born with Gastroschisis, so she needs a balanced diet but I like to keep things in moderation, and as it's Christmas this is a little treat. I've popped in a few milky bar things, and a few chocolate coins just because it's nice to have a treat. She'll probably only eat one of them but the rest will save until later.

Finally, a few random bits and bobs. I saw this really cute "Santa stop here for Gracie" at a pound shop and had to get it, as it's something that will be nice for every year. She had something similar last year which I only realised the other day but that's in her memory box, so I thought I'd use this one. Next, some 'reindeer food,' this was actually in her little stocking from playgroup but I popped it in her Christmas Eve box as again I thought it was something nice for the coming years. Along with that is something for Christmas Day, a good old bib. This was just from my local supermarket but I put it in her box so she has it for the next morning.

And that's it! As I've said before, Grace is only 1, so there's only a limited set of things I can put in her box, she won't understand it much this year but I think it will be something nice to do over the years and a lovely new tradition to start.

Hope you all enjoyed this post, and I will see you all tomorrow for the last 12 days of blogmas post!

Holls xo

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