Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Last Minute gift ideas - Hampers! |12 days of Blogmas

Today I thought I'd give you some last minute Christmas gift ideas - in the form of hampers!
I love making, and receiving these, plus they are a brilliant idea for getting someone something a little different, or if you aren't entirely sure what to buy them. You can make them as cheaply or expensive as you like plus there are so many varieties of ideas; a sweet hamper, a make up or beauty hamper, favourite things, or maybe a childhood memories hamper.

You can buy lots of different types of hamper baskets, the black and white ones I've chose are from Morrison's and were only £2.50. I also found these cute plastic bathtubs, they are from Wilkinson's and priced at £1!

After finding the right basket you next want to decide whether to use shredded paper or tissue paper, I preferred using tissue paper for the ones I've made.
Finally, the content!

Most of the things I've bought were in sets, so I took them out of the packaging and arranged them where they looked best, for these I've made them with mostly beauty items, adding extras like a Starbucks mug and a diary, you could add chocolates or personal touches too.

Another one I made is for my mum, she is a big kid at heart and loves the old classics like chitty-chitty band bang and Mary Poppins so I've added some DVDs from her childhood and early adult life, plus some of her favourites things, and finally adding her favourite sweets.
After making your hamper you can either wrap them, place them in a big gift bag or use cellophane to add finishing touches.

Hope you all enjoyed tonight's blog, and helps if you haven't got all your presents yet! See you all again tomorrow night for day six!
Holls xo

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