Thursday, 17 December 2015

My winter must-haves |12 days of Blogmas

Winter is definitely here in the UK! I'm currently wrapped up in a blanket with my fluffy socks and a warm cup of tea, so I thought I'd share some of my winter must haves this year.

Nivea Hydro Care lip balm
As some of you may know I love anything to do with the Nivea range. My lips, for as long as I can remember have always caused me a problem because how chapped they get, but weirdly since having my daughter they aren't as bad. However, I've found the Nivea lip balm has been a life saver over the past year, and especially over the colder months. It hydrates my lips and leaves them smooth for much longer than other brands (and trust me, over the years I've tried plenty!) This is definitely a statement winter product for me.

Neutrogena hand cream
Next is something I am so happy I found. Last year when my daughter was in the neonatal unit my hands were the worst they had ever been, mainly due to washing my hands hundred of times a day and the countless times I used hand sanitiser. I needed a good hand cream as my hands were so cracked and sore, then I found this little beauty and wow. A year later and I've bought this again, with the cold weather my poor hands go through a lot, adding to that I wash my hands constantly and I always seem to be washing the pots or cleaning something (moms life!) I love the fact it's more of a gel based product than a cream, it also absorbs into your skin quickly, and efficiently reduces then soothes the cracked areas. Perfect not only for winter but all year round!

Winter Boots
Next up, a woman's favourite.. shoes! I bought these December last year, and I have wore them throughout two winters and autumn this year and wow. Where did I buy them? Good old Primark! I have so much difficulty finding shoes to fit me, as I'm a size 3, so unless I want to shop in the children's section, Primark is my way forward. These cost under £20, I'm unsure on the actual price but I'm pretty certain I featured them in a haul at some point. These are the comfiest, warmest boots I've ever owned and they go with pretty much anything.

Faux fur coat
Now, this little beauty! I always tend to buy a coat around this time of the year, and I tend to go for the same type - either a Parker coat or a leather jacket as they are my go-to style. However this year I found something out of my comfort zone. This one is from New Look, priced at £54.99. I honestly love it, it's so warm and cosy and as someone who normally wears scarfs it's a bit different with the faux fur collar. It looks smart but does the job at keeping you warm.
Kids section - coats!
Finally, something for the little ones! I  am honestly so in love with this coat, it's from Tu at Sainsbury's and only cost £16, for any parent you'll believe me when I say wow, that's cheap. But as cheap as it is, it doesn't compromise on the quality. It looks beautiful and it's thick and keeps my daughter warm. Another factor of why I like this so much is I had a very similar one when I was her age (still trying to find the embarrassing photo!)

Hope you enjoyed my winter must haves, I'd love to hear what yours are. Let me know in the comments!

Holls x

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