Monday, 18 January 2016

15 Facts About Me

1. I'm 22. A lot of people think I look like a teenager, which now that I'm a mum can be quite tough because I do get stares every now and again. I remember an old man having a rant to his wife last year when I was at a car boot about 'kids having kids' which he swiftly apologised when I turned around and told him my age, not that I don't believe that young mums can't do a brilliant job - I know they can.

2. I had braces for nearly 4 years during high school, however I lost my retainer (don't ask) and my teeth went awful again.. Lesson of the day kids, wear your retainer!

3. I have never watched any Star Wars films - and I'm not too fussed about seeing any (no hate!)

4. Speaking of films, I used to be really obsessed with the Twilight Saga when it first came out, and Robert Pattinson, that I had a full wall of just his pictures.. Cringe.

5. I moved 6 times in the space of a year when I was 18/19, due to work, university and moving child hood homes.

6. I have the biggest phobia of polystyrene. Even talking about it now makes me cringe. Christmas time and anytime anything comes in polystyrene I have to get someone else to get it out of the box. I hate the sound the worst, and I can't touch it. I have no idea why but I've had this phobia since I was about 6.

7. I went to 5 different schools throughout primary school, all around the UK, turns out my family liked moving (I then stayed in the same town for 9 years)

8. I got all A's and B grades in both GCSE and A levels, it's something I'm really proud of, I worked my butt off.

9. I love sewing and textiles, I ran a business before I fell pregnant and I'm undecided whether to start it up again now.

10. I hate feet. It's not really a phobia, but I generally do not like feet. I always have to wear socks or slippers unless I'm in bed. And I don't like people touching me with their feet.

11. In the past year I've lost nearly 5 stone, most of which I put on whilst being pregnant (my daughter was only 4lb 3oz and barely any was water weight so I can't blame that!)

12. I have a slight obsession with things being organised. I know where every single thing is in my room and I own way too many storage boxes etc.

13. Only me and my auntie cut my hair, and have done since I had a bad experience with a hairdresser when I was 12. I cut my split ends and my fringe, and my Auntie will cut it if I want a drastic change.

14. I have suffered with anxiety and social anxiety since I was about 11.

15. I'm a single (or lone parent as some people call it) and have been since my daughter was born. I wouldn't change anything.

Hope you enjoyed this different kind of post, link your blog below if you have wrote a '15 facts about me' post, I'd love to read them!

Holls xo

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