Thursday, 28 January 2016

Favourite Eye Product for under £10 [part 1]

I am a big fan of eye products, probably more than anything else. I have protruding eyes, so without eyeliner etc my eyes look huge, so I have quite a lot of products to help make my eyes look smaller and to help me out. Because I have so many favourites I have split this post into two parts. The second part of this will be posted on Sunday at the normal time of 6pm (uk time.)

Firstly is my trusty favourite that has featured in so many posts, and I have used for years is the Maybelline Eye Studio Master Smoky. I can't praise this enough, and I always point people in the direction of this eyeliner. As I've said, I have quite protruding eyes so unless I use a lot of eyeliner my eyes look huge (in a bad way!) It's so simple and quick to use, and comes with a sponge applicator, normally if a product comes with one I normally avoid at all cost, but it is actually brilliant, it doesn't drag and it is gentle on your eyes. If you aren't brilliant at straight lines with eyeliner then this is perfect for you, and the sponge allows you to smudge it out, and it creates the perfect smokey eye. This is my holy grail of eye products.

Next up is the Rimmel London 'Brow this Way,' mine is in the shade 003 dark brown. I've never been a huge fan of eyebrow gels and have always preferred powder as I thought you could get a more natural looking brow. However this product proved me wrong. I tried it out of curiosity mainly, but I really love this now. I thought at first the applicator brush would be too big but with a bit of practice you can perfect the way you use it, and it glides of beautiful keeping your brows looking brilliant all day long. Plus at only £3.99 you can't go wrong!

Finally for this part of the post, the No7 Stay Precise Felt tip Eyeliner. This is one of my few favourite eyeliners, however this is (I think) the only felt tip style ones, rather than a pencil. It has an extra slim brush that makes creating a cat eye (or similar style) very easy. It also stays in place all day, and quickly drys. Another brilliant product for No7.

Hope you enjoyed the first part of my favourite eye products for under £10. Let me know what your favourites are in the comments!

Holls xo


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