Friday, 22 January 2016

Little Things #3

It's another edition of 'Little Things' just a few things that have made me smile lately. This is my third little things post, and you all seem to like reading these as much as I like writing them, so here they are..

1. My little baby becoming a toddler.
It even amazes me to write that. It seems like yesterday when she was born and every day she makes me smile, she's still my little baby. However my not so little girl is 14 months now, she's so intelligent and it still amazes me that she understands what I'm saying and follows simple instructions. She's a little person now, it is so brilliant to watch her learn and grow.

2. Adult colouring.
So this was a big trend last year, why it wasn't before I do not know. I finally got one for my birthday in December, as I kept forgetting to buy one when I was shopping, but I'm so happy I have one now. On the rare occasion I have free time, and have nothing else to do that is too priority, I love nothing more than to sit down and colour. The stress just disappears, plus I think it brings back childhood and care free memories.

3. Nearly being at my goal weight!
When I was pregnant I gained a whopping 5 stone, before anyone says it's all baby weight - my daughter was 4lb 3oz with being premature, and after I gave birth I hadn't lost that much, so it wasn't water weight or anything like that. I was always a size 6/8 before becoming pregnant and I basically ate junk food but maintained a slim figure, however now I really have to watch what I eat. My body has changed so much. I lost about 1 and a half stone in the first few months, it think it was mainly due to stress and not having the time or energy to eat properly whilst grace was in hospital for 3 months.
My biggest weight loss however has been since October, I have lost nearly 3 stone, thanks to healthy eating and exercise. I've never been brilliant with my willpower, so it has been a challenge and a big achievement to change my diet so much. It has boosted my confidence a lot too. When I hit 5stone weight loss I think I might write a post about how I did it, if anyone would be interested.

4. So far achieving my New Years resolution, to be positive.
 It is only a few weeks into January but I already feel the difference with my attitude towards life in general just by being positive, which is my big goal for 2016 (here is my 2016 resolution post if you would like to read it.) I have really made the effort to not being so pessimistic about things and I do think it not only makes the difference with my attitude altogether but the days just seen happier and I seem to achieve a lot more.

5. Winter Nights!
I love nothing more than putting my pjs and slippers on, sitting by the fire with a hot cup of tea and watching a good film. Don't get me wrong, I am more of a summer person but I do seem to enjoy the winter nights a lot more now, I think because since becoming a mum I prefer staying in, and relaxing, but it is nice getting all snuggled up on a night.

Hope you enjoyed this post! What is the little things that make you smile lately?

Holls xo

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