Monday, 4 January 2016


It's 2016! Wow, last year went so quick for me. It was a year that started in one of the worst ways possible as my daughter was on life support following her third operation at only six weeks old. Fast forward another month however and I finally got my little girl home where she belongs.
2015 held so many memories and a big turning point in my life. I became a proper mother, in my eyes, away from the hospital I was able to do things when I wanted to do with my daughter, take her outside and do things that parents take for granted when you have a 'normal' baby.
It was a year of so many changes and I guess the year I learnt to let go of a lot of my past. It's a year I learnt that I need to fend for myself and I grew up a lot. It was also a year that I learnt what it was like to be a lone parent, and that I had a lot of issues with my self-confidence that I needed to face up to, rather than brushing them under the carpet. My anxiety came back in full swing mid-year and I had got to a really low point. However 2015 was also the year I learnt to beat it. I had got to the stage where I knew things had to change.

I'm not one who likes all the silly New Years resolutions that are easily broke. I believe if you can't do something on a random date then you probably won't stick to it starting in the new year. However I do have one thing I want to stick to, it's not really a New Years resolution but a life decision, to be more positive!
I hate to admit it but I'm a pessimist, or should I say I was. Starting from now I want to stay positive, be happier, laugh more, not worry about other peoples opinions and start living now, not in the past. When I think about it I think a lot of people could benefit by making a conscious effort to be more positive.

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I had found this quote scrolling through my Facebook feed, and like I have said I'm not one for New Years resolutions but this has really stuck in my head. I love the sea of a new year being like a new book, so what better way than to fill it full of adventures and precious memories. Your life is what you make it and minus a few factors you're the one in charge of your decisions and you are the one able to change how your mind works. If you live in the past you will just dwell on it, if you live in the future you will just wish away your life. To be happy you need to live in the present, and write the best book you can this year and the upcoming ones too with all of your pages.

Something I'm going to do this year, what I have done for the past few years, is a jar where I write all of the things that have happened that year then on New Year's Eve I will read them all to remind myself of all the special memories. However, this year it will be my 'positivity jar,' full of all the good things, things I have accomplished and happy memories. My aim is one a week, that way I'll have plenty to read and look back on.

Anyway, enough of my ramblings, I just thought I'd share a little bit of my perspectives, and if you're not feeling too great, it is something to help motive you to be more positive.

Let me know in the comments what you would like to achieve this year!

Holls xo

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