Thursday, 4 February 2016

January Favourites

Firstly can I just say I cannot believe how quick January has gone? It seems like yesterday I was preparing for Christmas. Well, it's that time again- favourites of the month, and here are a few of mine! 
E.L.F powder brush
I recently bought a few, okay a lot, of new ELF products, and one of the things I was desperate to try was the powder brush. I had heard so many amazing things about it and really wanted to give it a go. To start with I was a bit apprehensive to try it as I had bought a stippling brush a while back from the ELF range, and it shed a lot of the brush, and seemed pretty cheap, however this is so different. It's amazing quality, did the job perfectly and was so soft and ..well, amazing. Well done ELF! 
Another beauty favourite is again by E.L.F, this is the Lipstick in the shade 'Nostalgic.' I have wanted to try this for so long. With the brand taking a bit of a break in England, I couldn't purchase it without paying A LOT of money to have it shipped, so when E.L.F resurfaced in the UK I jumped at the chance to buy it. What can I say? It's lovely. It's a beautiful nude/pink shade, glides on brilliant and has a hint of a moisturising element to it. I love this. 

Next up is an app, 'My Fitness Pal.' I had featured a picture of the app in my 'little things' post, and it is such a wonderful app that has motivated me to keep losing weight. I don't have a lot of willpower but this app pushed me to keep loosing the weight. It calorie counts, along with telling you how many fats, proteins, fibres etc you're eating and has a daily goal for you, based on how much you want to lose per weight. You can track your weight loss, along with communicating with others on the app and reading their blogs. Along with that you can connect other apps to it such as a walking tracker, and you can set reminders to track what you have ate and exercised during the day. It's fantastic! Oh and the best thing? It's free! 

Another of my favourites in January was the Netflix show 'Making a murderer.' If you haven't seen it then go watch it! Honestly it is so intriguing and shows the mistakes within the justice system, and leaves you (in my opinion) questioning the end verdict. I won't give no spoilers as it's something you need to watch rather than read about but I've been hooked on this documentary.

Finally in my January favourites is the Pirongs lifestyle planner. I randomly came across this brand whilst searching for a life planner. With saving for my house move I couldn't justify £40+ for an Erin Condren one so I'm so glad I found this one and to be honest I think it's just as amazing, plus at half the price it makes it even better! It's sectioned with a morning, afternoon and evening for each day along with a overview of the month, has a notes section and a separate financial section and Christmas list. It is amazing. I will be doing a more in depth post soon! So happy with this! 

Hope you enjoyed my January favourites, what's yours? 

Holls xo 

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  1. I'm on episode 6 of Making a Murderer and I'm obsessed!!
    Love your blog :)


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