Monday, 8 February 2016

You know you're a parent to a toddler when...

Welcome back to 'mummy Monday's!' I did a post a few months ago (I think) on this topic, but I thought I'd share a fun little post specifically about toddlers. My daughters 15 months now so we're well on our way with growing up and it's so different to having a 'baby,' believe me they are like tiny drunk people and you need eyes in the back of your head! So here's a few things that if you have a toddler you will be able to relate to, if your little one is still a baby or you're expecting then here's the things you have to look forward to!

You know you're a parent to a toddler when...

Hot cups of tea/coffee are a distant memory. You make them, with the intention of actually sitting down and having five minutes 'me-time,' when in fact that lovely hot beverage will sit waiting slowly getting colder and colder whilst you're busy and then when you finally remember it's stone cold and barely drinkable. You'll probably repeat this 10 times a day. On the plus side, when you actually manage to have a hot beverage, you will really appreciate and cherish the moment.. Before realising you need to hurry up because you have a mountain of ironing and a house that looks like a tornado has thrown Lego and various toys about. 

Silence is not golden, it's suspicious! When your little one is a baby, when they're silent they're asleep, so it's pretty amazing for that break. Whereas when they're a toddler and silent generally that means they're smearing sudacream on the television or emptying the contents of their toy box over the floor. Silence is when you should be worried. 

Your toddler is your workout DVD. Forget paying £20+ for some celebrity to show you how to do jumping jacks, running around after our toddler gets you in shape! You normally are running around after them 90% of the time or playing hostage negotiation with a breakable, whilst they're running around finding it hilarious. They are your fitness boot camp 7 days a week. 

You go into stealth mode just to have a bite of a biscuit. Normally you're hiding around the corner, peeking, hoping and praying they don't toddle into the room and go into full meltdown that you've had a bite of something they haven't (generally after they've raided your entire cupboards and ate most of your weekly food shopping.) everything you watched from bond films are now within your daily life with secret eating, all you need to do is add a black suit and a couple of Kung-fu moves and you could be in a action film with your daily life. 

The motto 'sleeping like a baby' DOES NOT apply to toddlers. I remember when my daughter was a baby and she'd happily sleep 12 hours a night (I apologise) and if I mentioned my joy of this to other parents, most would look like they would happily punch me in the face. Fast forward to the toddler years and I'm lucky if I get a few hours uninterrupted sleep. I think my daughter could wake up to the sound of a pin dropping. It's as if they give you some false hope in the beginning, you just get used to the whole sleeping idea, then they think 'no lets bring them back all the memories of sleep deprivation in pregnancy.' Let me tell you Disney channel is less amusing at 4am. 

It is the best thing ever to watch them grow and become a little person. Seeing them interact and learn is the best and most rewarding part. I sat the other day and just watched my daughter play, and I was overwhelmed by the fact that she was growing up so quickly. I think being with them everyday you forget how quickly they grow and the new thins they learn daily. They aren't this tiny baby that just sleeps and feeds anymore. They learn and have their own opinions and emotions. It seems strange to say but you realise they are actually a little human being that was once kicking in your tummy. It's moments like that, that make you realise that they are such a miracle, and you're part of making them. One day they will be building a life for themselves but for now they are you mini tornado that drive you partially insane most of the time, but you wouldn't change it for the world. 

Hope you enjoyed this fun little post, see you all again next Monday for more mummy posts! 

Holls xo

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